Project 20 “Drop for Africa” Foundation – suport for the Rendille people”

Project 20 “Drop for Africa” Foundation – suport for the Rendille people”. Project implemented in SONGA, Marsabit County, in the north part of Kenya. Rendille people. February 2021 – currently.

Marsabit County is located in the northern part of Kenya, sharing a border with south Ethiopia, and is the area most affected by climate change. The area the Rendille occupy is enclosed with the Merille River and Serolivi in ​​the south, Loyangalani in the north, Marsabit and Merti in the east and Lontolio in the west.

In July 2021, I launched another Project to support the poorest residents of northern Kenya. I purchase basic food items, sanitary and medical products. We have been serving hot meals here every Saturday for several years. There are dozens of hungry children, sometimes as many as 150 of them come. Additionally, once a month, we shop for food and store it in a dedicated room. Once every two months we also distribute food to the people of the Songa village, where the Rendille reside.

Here I also run the Adoption of the Heart. Our kids go to school. The desire for education among children who are not able to attend is enormous. For them, school equals hope for a better tomorrow, and a place where they can eat. When I hand out sheets of paper and crayons, at first there is general frenzy, and then there is silence. It’s magic. It doesn’t matter where it happens, whether in a meadow or in the middle of the road, the outcome is always the same.

About 500 people from Rendille community benefit from our project.