Kapnij dla Afryki / Drop for Africa was founded in december 2019. Our goal is to help inhabitants of Africa suffering from starve and lack of potable water. We want to enable education for children and bring humanitarian aid to the poorest regions of Africa.

Members of the Foundation perform their functions in the form of volunteering, without charging any remuneration for their work.

Our Goals

Foundation is realising its goals in building wells, water points, schools and other public buildings in poorest regions of Africa. We also organise indywidual patronite of homeless children relying on regular financial support for learning and maintenance.


So far, we have carried out independently, from our own resources, three projects: “Richard 1 – water for people of Kenya” – May 2019 – 80 km to the north from Mombasa, “Richard 2 – water for people of Kenya” – August 2019 – 100 km to the north from Mombasa, “Richard 3 – water for people of Kenya” – December 2019 – 160 km to the north from Mombasa near to Gongoni.

At the beginning, I wanted to build a well for the local communities every three months, but being there I realized that I need to do much more. It is not about building wells, it is about giving these people hope. They need to feel that someone is fighting for them.

Big organizations are focused on huge projects and cities – I want to reach where this help is not available. Unfortunately, it will only get worse in this country. Climate change will reduce food production decline. Desertification of large agricultural areas will occur, which will increase food shortage and people will fight for water and arable land.

 I realized that by founding the “Drop for Africa” foundation, thanks to the support of donors, we will help more helpless people. From January 2020 I will create projects in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda. Regardles of the funds raised by the foundation, I will continue to implement projects form my own funds. I hope that you will “drop” for Africa and together we will do much more.

Thank you,
Irek Markowski

Our Partners