The Foundation

"Drop for Africa" launched in December 2019. Our goal is to help the afflicted, the hungry, people living in poverty, those without, or with a limited access to drinking water. We want to support the education of children and youth and provide humanitarian aid in the poorest regions of Africa.

Members of the Foundation perform their duties as volunteers and do not receive any remuneration.


The Foundation fulfills its goals by building wells, water intakes, schools and other premises of public service in the poorest regions of Africa. It also organizes individual patronage over homeless children, consisting of periodic financial assistance covering the child’s educational and living expenses. We provide support to victims of natural disasters and military conflicts. Social assistance enables individuals and families to overcome difficult life situations that they would not be able to handle on their own. We also work on cultural exchange and raising awareness, promoting the culture and art of other countries in Poland and of Poland abroad. We do all this through organization and promotion of volunteering.


For the first two years, implementation of statutory goals was financed in 95% by the private means of the Foundation’s founder, Ireneusz Markowski. It allowed for achievements such as building and putting into service of nine water intakes, opening of an orphanage, the purchase of basic food and sanitary items and medication. The following years brought further projects, completion of which was made possible by the increase in the number of donors, and not only in African countries, but also in Poland and Ukraine. By April 2024, the Foundation had completed 24 projects focused on supplying the local population with drinking water, provided shelter and education to dozens of children, delivered tons of items of prime necessity, and served thousands of meals in Kenya. We also sent 35 cars with humanitarian aid to Ukraine, supplying soldiers and civilians alike.

Ireneusz Markowski, president of the “Drop for Africa” Foundation, talks in “Pytanie na Śniadanie” about helping the people of Kenya living in extreme poverty. 

Interview from April 22, 2024 r.

At first I wanted to build a well on my own every three months, but when I was there, I realized I had to do more and act faster. This is not just about building wells, these people need to be given hope. They need to know that someone will stuck up for them.

Large organizations focus on huge projects – I want to reach places no one has ever reached.

Unfortunately, in Africa things will only get worse. The birth rate is high and largely exceeds the number of available jobs. By 2100, the number of people on the African continent may reach 4 billion. Additionally, climate change will cause further decline in food production. Desertification of large agricultural areas will occur, which will leave people fighting for water and land suitable for cultivation.

I understood that by establishing the “Drop for Africa” Foundation and by getting more benefactors on board we will be able to reach more people in need. From January 2020, we’ve been implementing projects in countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Regardless of the funds collected by the Foundation, I am and still will implement some of the projects within my own means. We hope you will drip a “drop for Africa” and together we will do even more.

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