Long distance Adoption of the Heart

“It is not enough to give to those who ask;
you must give to those in need.”
Charles de Foucauld

The Foundation fulfills its goals by building wells, water intakes, schools and other premises of public service in the poorest regions of Africa. It also organizes individual patronage over homeless children, consisting of periodic financial assistance covering the child’s educational and living expenses.

Adoption of the Heart is a project created to serve orphans and the poorest children in Kenya. A caretaker from Poland chooses a child they would like help. They decide on the type of the assistance and set the date for the adoption to begin. Every caretaker has the opportunity to contact their child through a local project coordinator.

There are two ways to get involved – full adoption, or an educational adoption.

Full adoption includes the cost of daily living, along with the costs of education and basic medical care – $50 per month (approx. PLN 200). The child is guaranteed daily meals, the opportunity to attend a public school and, if necessary, an access to necessary medications.

In Kenya, education is free, but it is mandatory for a child to own a school uniform and a change of sport clothes, as well as books and school supplies. Without it, the child is not allowed to attend school.

Educational adoption covers educational expenses, school supplies, uniforms etc. It also covers daily meals – $25 per month (approx. PLN 100).

– Family adoption applies to children who do not yet go to school or kindergarten. The ones that stay under the care of their parents or extended family and live in extremely poor conditions. The family adoption covers the child’s daily living expenses, for example a portion of food. The monthly cost is $25 (approx. PLN 100).

The money should be transferred to the Foundation’s bank account. The donation is tax deductible, in which case the title of a transfer should read – statutory objectives of the Foundation. If you do not wish to deduct the payment from your tax, please title the transfer with the name and surname of the adopted child. Irek Markowski personally supervises the Foundation’s activities, visits the project locations roughly once a month and transparently accounts for all expenses. Adoption of the Heart provides up-to-date information about the children.


Ireneusz Markowski: 694 411 512

Bank account number: Bank PKO BP 17 1020 5242 0000 2302 0506 5836