Origin of the uprising of our foundation

Find out why is it worth to help and what can you really achieve by helping others.

In March 2019 my father died. I tried to help him taking him to place where I live, Marcinkowice near Wrocław that the best medicine would look after him. Unfortunately, it was to late… After my dads death I decided to leave Poland for a while and fly to Kenya which I visited as a tourist previously. I decided that I need to do something, to give these people part of myself, to help. I flew to Mombasa in Kenya, contacted my old Kenyan friend Sadi, who took me to his home city – Kilifi where I rented a house. After that Sadi introduced me to his family – wife and three little children. They were living in a 4 square meter “house”.The roof was made of trapezoidal metal sheet which I bought for them with door and windows eight years ago.

To commemorate this fact, Sadi told me to plant a tree seedling near his house, now after all of these years it looks beautiful.

Due to safari trips Sadi earned some money to build next 4 square meter room next to his “house” during next 8 years! After short conversation with him, I decided to help him with building his house. Next morning we’ve bought windows, door and roof material.

It took us 12 days to built whole house. Meanwhile we have visited local child care home to buy them some food and to deliver some clothes which I brought from Poland.

The next day we rode to jungle to visit Sadis mom, who besides of serious joint disease was traveling daily 7km one-way  to closest water point. 

It was this moment that I realised with how serious problems people of africa deal with. 30% of them lives below extreme poverty line and 50% of them don’t have access to fresh water. They take water from rows and rivers, water, that they should disinfect with special tablets which they don’t have. The result of that are thousands sick and dying children.

From this moment I knew what I was going to do in my life. I decided that I am going to build water wells within my capabilities. Three weeks ago I came back to africa to build my first well project called “Ryszard 1 – water for people of Kenya”, which was memorising my died father.

Few months ago in August 2019, I came back to Kenya to build Project 2 – the next water well. After arriving back to Poland I decided that I have to do more so I created foundation called “Kapnij dla Afryki – Drop for Africa”.